PRE: Before going to the EU Parliament, I was convinced I was going to be able to meet, if not, see a prime minister. .a king .. ooh maybe even a QUEEN!! I also thought it was going to be ridiculously busy and swarming with businessmen and women from all over the EU.

Post: (Mayhem Voice) It’s the beginning of July, do you know where your Prime Minister is?? (In my french accent) On Holiday. I didn’t get to see a single bit of Royalty. The speaker was kinda cute, although it was difficult to understand her at times, let alone stay awake, it was really early that morning -an hour earlier than what I’m used to, and I was still adjusting to the different time zone. Anyway, my favorite part of the Parliament was the big room where all the executive decisions were made. We got to stand at top in the visitors seating and look over into the empty room. Empty, yes, but the meaning behind those seats had were surprisingly moving. It’s not everyday you get to go to the EU!