About Moi


My name is Brittany, and  I chose to attend the Belgium and European Union Study Abroad program so I can gain more knowledge to become a well rounded global citizen. In the semi-near future (5 years) I plan on having my own business called Free Your Mind. It’s going to be an Art Studio for inner city kids to come and express what their words cannot. I’m hoping my experience with the Intercultural communication course, as well as the Into to Int’l Business course will shed a tremendous amount of insight to this complex world we live in. -I also needed COM 263 (Intercultural Communication) as a Cultural Awareness Competencies requirement 🙂 AND I always wanted to go to Europe soooo why not knock out three birds with one stone right!?


(Above)This was taken in LA on Olvera Street. (Below in the Batman cape) Was taken at Six Flags in LA as well (Diversity Trip though Multicultural Services at MCC)


Ever since I was little I was always that type to say “If you can do it I can do it -maybe even a little better.” -Not to be competitive,  but to be satisfied with myself, life shouldn’t be a competition,  no body gets out alive
-nobody . (I don’t understand why that’s so difficult for some to understand) . If I did my best and succeeded -GREAT! If I did my best and failed -EVEN GREATER!! I learn from my mistakes. I learn how to be better than I was before when I first attempted.


I have to admit it; my encounters with different people from all over have been NOTHING BUT POSITIVE and life changing. It’s amazing how asking simple questions and getting the answers about those who you’ve heard certain stereotypes can really open your mind and humble your heart to hear their side of the story.

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A few randoms from past travels, retreats and selfies 🙂