PRE: I was excited about going into the coal mine, I expected it to be so hot that my clothes would be ¬†drenched in sweat, and I thought there was going to be the thick black air I couldn’t see through and coated my lungs then began to wonder if we were going to get haz-mat suits and how it would be pretty cool if we actually did get to where haz-mat suits in the mine.

Post: WELP! No HAZ-MAT SUITS; NO HEAT, (it was surprisingly freezing down there) AND NO BLACK AIR! It DID, however, taste like dirt. Yes. The air tasted like dirt. Why was I tasting it? Because I was breathing through my mouth and happened to catch a sample on my tongue **shruggs** MOVING ON! There weren’t any haz-mat suits but I got where a Coal Miner shirt and yellow work helmet ¬†-THAT WAS COOL enough for me, I felt OFFICIAL.


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The Grand Narrative:
After visiting couple websites for the Blegny Coal Mine, I noticed that the stories that were told by our tour guide were NOT on the website. I remember him telling us about how there was terrible accident that happened in the mine. A coal miner was transporting coal on the lift when he shouldn’t have been. (The lifts were made to transport the the miners up and down into the mine) But this who-ha attempted to transport a steel cart of coal. – I still shake my head to that. Because of his actions just about 200 miners lost there live.
There’s no figures, no stories, no gruesome pictures to depict the truth of what really happened. I’m assuming it’s because they didn’t want to scare off tourist by enabling them to think there were ghost in the mine.

IBS 101
Aesthetics: (Still referring to the website)
When you glance over the websites color and form, you’ll notice how the shade of blue is kind of calming, if not, dull. The words are situated in a way that enables you to navigate down the page without ambiguity. However, I’m still confused and asking my self why there’s no stories about the accidents that took place down there so many years ago. Notice it says 1980 is when the mine had its last coal mining transfer from Liege and was finally shut down as a functioning Coal mine and immediatley turned it into a tourist attraction. In my opinion, the truth has been over shadowed by the greatness the Mine has brought the town of Blegny. Which was work and productivity to the town.

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