Defroidmont Chocolate Factory has to be the most unique Chocolate factory I’ve ever seen. What looks like a little cottage in the woods is actually a home to the Defroidmonts; a history museum that tell the story of how the Defroidmont Factory came to be, as well as a full blown, operating chocolate factory business. Indirect advertising, word-of-mouth, is the number one strategy the Defroidmonts use to sell their chocolates. Because of the face they’re nestled up in the woods away from major traffic, it is impossible for the lower-locals to pass by and acknowledge the factory is even there. I assume it is better this way, the intimate connection the Defroidmonts display to their customers enable them to converse with other friends and family about how good the chocolate is.. and the Defroidmont Chocolate factor has the BEST 70% dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted! -Sorry Hershesys’


After reading the history of Stella Artois, it’s implied  that they used Licensing to promote their international business. .1366, the date [Stella Artois] brewing roots trace back to. It was then the Den Hoorn brewery was first established in Leuven, Belgium.  A world-renowned brewing institution, Den Hoorn laid the foundation for the quality, taste and standard Stella Artois is known for today. .  In 1708, Sebastian Artois became the master brewer at Den Hoorn. And only nine years later, such was his commitment, he was able to buy the brewery, putting his last name on it and eventually on every bottle of Stella Artois around the world.

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Licencing: a company or individual provides the foreign partner with the necessary means (patented technology, copyright, process, trademark, etc.) to manufacture and sell its products in the target country for an annual license fee. -Julian E. Gaspar Introduction to Global Business 1st Edition


I wrote this in my personal journal just after we left Breendonk:

“Just left Breendonk feeling feeling really heavy. Knowing all those people were beaten, tortured and killed -all for being non-Arien. I don’t understand; why didn’t anybody stand up for them? Our tour guide said “History tends to repeat itself because ‘humans’ don’t learn from their mistakes” (he said HUMANS)  Which is true. I have no words right now. It’s pure emotion flowing through me. I can still see the wall that hold the fortress together. The concrete wall and how chunks were (I assume) blown out. The erosion of constant rain fall. The smell from inside the fortress was indescribable. It felt as though the walls were, at one point in time, being suffocated by the fear of the prisoners and could finally breathe. Not so heavy though, for fear of being caught by the ghost of the SS that once roamed the brick corridors. When I walked through that first gate that lead into the fortress, I can remember thinking about the prisoners that walked through that same gate 70+ years ago and didn’t come back out. I don’t know how exactly, but some day, some how I’m going to pay homage to those that perished during the Holocaust.”


To me, a cultural space is the environment that takes part in shaping you into you. For example, I have family in Arizona as well in Mississippi, so I have two cultural spaces. My cultural space in AZ is diverse, mirror image of Phoenix itself. Though, I’m “African American”.. I don’t possess the traits of a “typical” Afro-American. (ie: Loud, obnoxious, eat watermelon all of the time, indulge in grape kool-aid and chicken) I’m more of the Boho-Chic, non-conformist, individualist,1406148985 bold; Afro-American. The environment I’m most drawn to is chill, with positive energy. ( I eat chicken wings every now and again though) My encounters with varied social situations and intellectually stimulating conversations  have shaped me into who I am told. My cultural space in Mississippi is EXTREMELY different. Because my grand parents (Fathers side) are old school, the type that make you get you read for the day -just in case you have to go somewhere; the “yes sir, no sir” and kiss your grandma on the cheek before you leave and when you get home. Very proper, very respectful and very conservative.
There are no rules for my cultural space I see myself as a mellow individual. The only non-verbal interactions that occur are me, simply being me, There are no boundaries, no limits. I was brought up by my mom, and my grandparent on my dads side. They taught me to be a lady, be humble and be love. the essence of love -Corinthians 13 4-7. If any cultural space were not available, there would be individuals who are lost. 


PRE: Before going to the EU Parliament, I was convinced I was going to be able to meet, if not, see a prime minister. .a king .. ooh maybe even a QUEEN!! I also thought it was going to be ridiculously busy and swarming with businessmen and women from all over the EU.

Post: (Mayhem Voice) It’s the beginning of July, do you know where your Prime Minister is?? (In my french accent) On Holiday. I didn’t get to see a single bit of Royalty. The speaker was kinda cute, although it was difficult to understand her at times, let alone stay awake, it was really early that morning -an hour earlier than what I’m used to, and I was still adjusting to the different time zone. Anyway, my favorite part of the Parliament was the big room where all the executive decisions were made. We got to stand at top in the visitors seating and look over into the empty room. Empty, yes, but the meaning behind those seats had were surprisingly moving. It’s not everyday you get to go to the EU!