To me, a cultural space is the environment that takes part in shaping you into you. For example, I have family in Arizona as well in Mississippi, so I have two cultural spaces. My cultural space in AZ is diverse, mirror image of Phoenix itself. Though, I’m “African American”.. I don’t possess the traits of a “typical” Afro-American. (ie: Loud, obnoxious, eat watermelon all of the time, indulge in grape kool-aid and chicken) I’m more of the Boho-Chic, non-conformist, individualist,1406148985 bold; Afro-American. The environment I’m most drawn to is chill, with positive energy. ( I eat chicken wings every now and again though) My encounters with varied social situations and intellectually stimulating conversations  have shaped me into who I am told. My cultural space in Mississippi is EXTREMELY different. Because my grand parents (Fathers side) are old school, the type that make you get you read for the day -just in case you have to go somewhere; the “yes sir, no sir” and kiss your grandma on the cheek before you leave and when you get home. Very proper, very respectful and very conservative.
There are no rules for my cultural space I see myself as a mellow individual. The only non-verbal interactions that occur are me, simply being me, There are no boundaries, no limits. I was brought up by my mom, and my grandparent on my dads side. They taught me to be a lady, be humble and be love. the essence of love -Corinthians 13 4-7. If any cultural space were not available, there would be individuals who are lost.