Defroidmont Chocolate Factory has to be the most unique Chocolate factory I’ve ever seen. What looks like a little cottage in the woods is actually a home to the Defroidmonts; a history museum that tell the story of how the Defroidmont Factory came to be, as well as a full blown, operating chocolate factory business. Indirect advertising, word-of-mouth, is the number one strategy the Defroidmonts use to sell their chocolates. Because of the face they’re nestled up in the woods away from major traffic, it is impossible for the lower-locals to pass by and acknowledge the factory is even there. I assume it is better this way, the intimate connection the Defroidmonts display to their customers enable them to converse with other friends and family about how good the chocolate is.. and the Defroidmont Chocolate factor has the BEST 70% dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted! -Sorry Hershesys’