Pre: When I heard “Port Of Liege, I didn’t know what to think, I never heard of a “port” before. .. Actually I did think about Newport Cigarettes once, but I knew that couldn’t have been it at all. Then I thought more into it, and thought about a mass area where big rigs (Diesels) drop their loads of cargo off.

Post: The Port of Liege is legit. Small but powerful and well equipped to handle what comes in the port and what leave. Especially with there new additions being added and should be finished by 2015. THREE different ways in and out; train, water, land transportation.
THREE different ways in and out; train, water, land transportation.
The Liege Trilogiport project underscores the Liege Port Authority’s (APL) determination to take part in the Liege region’s economic restructuring process. Enjoying the support of the Visé, Herstal and Oupeye municipalities, plus all the key economic players in Liege, the scheme offers unique advantages for the revival of the Lower Meuse Valley and the Liege region as a whole.

Liege Trilogiport will enable the Liege Port Authority to accommodate new companies in the future and underpin the expansion of its river traffic, while ensuring the permanent economic development of the Liege region. As a fully-fledged “logistical village “, Liege Trilogiport represents one of the initial schemes for economic restructuring in the Liege region.


COM 263
The Relationship Between Nature & Humans
In chapter 2 of Experiencing Intercultural communication it talks about The relationship between nature and human. At the Port of Liege I notice a brush area directly between the community and the port. The speaker was talking about how they were slapped with couple of lawsuits because of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) “Conflicts between environmentalist and land developers often center on disagreements over this value orientation” -which is why I find it intriguing that the Port of LIege and the community behind came to agreement on the grassy area, both parties are happy with end result, and construction continues!

IBS 101
Socio-Economic Rationale:
  “. . Socio-economics addresses the study of the relationship between business or economic activity and the social life of residents in a nation. In the context of international trade, socio-economics explores the relative negative impact of free trade upon society’s welfare, as well as government policy measures that are implemented to minimize the negative outcomes to society in a [community]”
 By having the grassy area between the community and the Port of Liege, it created a cushion, in a sense, the community doesn’t have to look at the industrial eye-sore in their back yards. Thus, the City of Liege avoided any future law suits!