I was under the impression the Archaeological Tour of Liege was going to be a tour of the city on a Double-Decker bus, seeing all the major tourist attractions in the city; with a tour guide that came with an extremely thick accent that I wasn’t going to be able to understand. I also thought it was going to be bigger and more extravagant than what it was. However, I was left with an impression like no other. 
After the tour I was caught off guard by how impact full it was and how wrong I was. First of all Double-Decker buses are in London England. Second, the Archaeological Tour was just that: an Archaeological remains of the Gallo-Roman Villa The fact that there was an entire Roman Villa under the streets of Liege was bizarre; 9,000 years of history beneath Place Saint-Lambert. Third, the tour guide DID have thick french accent that was difficult to understand, but given the culture and environment, it was expected. Concepts: I was able to tie in the the Economic Imperative from Com263 and Factor Endowments from IBS101.

Economic Imperative: knowing about other cultures and communication patterns.(Ie: understanding the cultures identity and history) After Exploring around the Roman Villas I now have a better understanding  for Liege. It’s hasn’t quite set the tone of the culture, however its has set the tone for the environment and answers the question: “Why’s this city look so ancient..?” BECAUSE IT IS!


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Factor Endowments:  Porter’s model looks more closely at the quality of the factor endowments (i.e., land, labor, capital, and technology). For example, how can the quality of labor in a specific country be described—skilled, unskilled, highly technical?
The land of  the Roman Villa is beneath Place Saint Lambert, while a museum  was constructed around and over the Villa. Thelabor needed would be from those that had merited knowledge of the history of he site -the knowledge and skills to provide accurate information to those visitors who came to see the Roman Villa.Capital:By turning the Roman Villa into an archeaological museum, the city is able to generate income for which expenses it may need. Technology: Being in a technology driven era, it’s safe to say that without some of the visual effects, to add emphasis on particular exhibits such as the the iPAD, and large LSD screen, The museum may not do as well without them, For example, when kids go to into a museum, the iPADs set them in a trance and their attention is focused completely on the movement of the iPAD screen.