5826012It’s so surreal to me to sit and think to myself that this time next month i’ll be in Europe. I remember when “go travel across Europe” was on my mental bucket list. Now i’m constantly double checking and triple checking to make sure I have everything I need, making sure I have all the necessary documents making sure i’m not packing any “American Clothing” (so that I’m not a walking target) man oh man..  I think I may have to take my shoes back they’re bright turquoise and lime green.. (typical American running shoes) but they’re cute and I only paid $20  for them SOOOOOO they can stay ^^). Anyways.. I believe i’m living proof that if you want something, all you have to do is go get it. You may have to work your ass off for it but you’ll get it if you truly want it. That’s how  I was able to go on this trip -Because I wanted it, and because I believed I could make it happen. So I did. (Like my homepage says: She believed shoe could, so she did.) #PEACE