PRE: Battle of the Bulge: my first thought was “was it a war fought between obese people from opposing countries?”All jokes aside tough,  I had no clue as to what to expect for he Battle of the Bulge. I don’t know to much about the subject of war either; I’m a peaceful sunflower who will do almost anything to keep the peace, and avoid the subject all together -if at all possible. 

Post: I never EVER in million lifetimes would realized how significant the Battle of the Bulge was to WW2. America came in and OWNED those Germans like no other, surprising the Nazis and forcing them to retreat. My favorite part of the tour was at the end, the little boy who took part in narrating the story got to go to the beach.   I would imagine that the cost of the war had to put some kind of burden on the countries and the individuals that had to help fund the war. 

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